Student wellbeing stands as a cornerstone of the learning process. The emotional, social, mental and physical wellbeing of individuals forms the bedrock of their development. Optimal learning occurs when students are content, healthy, and emotionally balanced, enabling them to tackle school and life's challenges with resilience and efficacy.

Developing Resilience

At Roxburgh Homestead Primary School, we prioritise the development of resilience, promote mind-body health education, and provide support to students and families during challenging times. Many of these initiatives are seamlessly woven into our everyday curriculum.

It's important to understand that conversations about wellbeing aren't just about solving problems; they're about promoting knowledge and happiness to better handle life's challenges. Our aim is to empower people to lead fulfilling lives, not just manage difficulties. However, sometimes support networks become necessary, and friends and family can be invaluable sources of support.

At our school, instilling resilience in young learners is paramount to fostering overall wellbeing and ensuring their holistic development.

Information about programs within our community are listed below: