Roxburgh Homestead Primary School boasts an extensive array of facilities especially designed to foster a dynamic learning environment. This includes numerous state-of-the-art teaching and learning areas to a full-sized gymnasium, a well-stocked library, and dedicated spaces for visual arts and crafts.  These enable the school to offer a multifaceted approach to education.

The school's commitment to technological advancement is evident through its cutting-edge ICT center, equipped with the latest tools and resources to enhance digital learning experiences. Additionally, a Language Other Than English (LOTE) environment caters to cultural diversity, enriching students' linguistic and cultural awareness and promotes pride.

Furthermore, Roxburgh Homestead Primary School prides itself on its versatile multipurpose learning spaces and community learning environments, facilitating collaborative and interactive learning experiences. The modern administration area, featuring optimal lighting solutions such as LED technology, ensures efficiency and functionality of day-to-day operations.

Outside the classrooms, the school's picturesque grounds beckon with landscaped areas designed to accommodate both passive relaxation and active play. From sports courts and an expansive oval to a soccer pitch, sandpit, cubby houses, mud kitchens and three playgrounds, students have ample opportunities for outdoor recreation and physical activity.