Principal's Message

We look forward to partnering with you to support our children to be the best they can be as learners and global citizens.  After all, our world's future is in their hands! We are proud of our community and the connections we make to ensure we all thrive. 

It Takes A Whole Village To Raise A Child

With heads, hearts and hands together, we develop ourselves and others to achieve excellence in character, communication, creativity, critical thinking, citizenship and collaboration. To do this we have high expectations for all of our learners. Together we have created a culture that supports resilience and persistence in the pursuit of our individual and collective goals. We strive to empower our students to build confidence in:

Literacy and Numeracy are explicitly taught every day, using a school wide teaching model.  This connects students to prior learning and builds learning confidence for growth and extension.  Our 21st Century Design teaching and learning initiative ensures our students are also immersed in STEM, the Arts, Physical education and wellbeing programs to support deep thinking and problem solving.

Our school wide approach to growing active, informed and healthy children is based on building positive behaviour. We partner with our students and families to build strength of mind and character. Our values of “Respect, Honesty, Pride and Success” are embedded in the classroom in the grounds and online and form the expectations of how we learn together academically and socially. It is vital that we build an inclusive mindset and environment where all children can participate, make mistakes and thrive.

We are proud of our village at RHPS and we look forward to connecting and partnering with our families and students in learning and life.

Teresa Stone