School Policies

An essential part of school management and governance involves developing policies and procedures to ensure a safe and orderly environment that respects each child's right to learn and feel secure. This enables every child to reach their full potential.

Child Safe Standards

For all Child Safe Standards and Policies please visit our Child Safety Page


Administration of Medication Policy
Anaphylaxis Policy
Asthma Policy
First Aid Policy including Care Arrangements for ill Students
Head Lice Policy
Health Care Needs 
SunSmart Policy

General & Governance

Attendance Policy
Camps and Excursions (inc Local)
CCTV Policy
Complaints Policy
Enrolment Policy
Fundraising Policy
Hands Off Policy
Hire of Facilities Policy
Homework Policy
Parent Disputes Policy
Parent Payment Policy
Personal Property Policy
Personal Accident and Personal Property Policy
Photographing, Filing and Recording Students
Privacy and Information Sharing
Respect for School Staff Policy
Schools’ privacy policy
Statement affirming Democratic Principles
Statement of Values & Philosophy
Uniform Policy
Visitors Policy
Volunteers Policy
Yard Duty Supervision


Digital Learning Policy
Mobile Phones Policy
Procedures for Mobile Phone and Digital Device Use at School