Our School

Our school recognises the many advantages of a multicultural community and takes pride in celebrating the diverse and rich experiences it offers. We believe that this diversity enriches our learning environment and fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of different cultures among our students.

Roxburgh Homestead Primary School is located in Roxburgh Park, within the City of Hume approximately 20kms north of the Melbourne CBD.  The school is well situated, close to community facilities such as a family day care centre, kindergarten, local shops, and adjacent to a local historical site.


Roxburgh Homestead Primary School opened in 1997 with 214 students. By 2004, the enrolment had peaked at 909. Now in its 27th year of operation in 2024, the school has a current enrolment of 400 students.

Since its beginning, our school has consistently offered a wealth of exceptional opportunities, meticulously catering to the diverse educational, physical, social, and emotional needs of every student. We have dedicated ourselves to creating a supportive and enriching environment, ensuring that each student receives a comprehensive and holistic education tailored to their individual requirements. This commitment to excellence has been the cornerstone of our approach, enabling us to nurture well-rounded individuals prepared for future challenges.


Roxburgh Homestead Primary School is well equipped with numerous multipurpose and specialised teaching and learning areas.  The school enjoys a full sized gymnasium, library, visual art and craft rooms, canteen, dedicated STEM centre, LOTE environment, and performing arts room.

The attractive grounds have been landscaped, and include areas for either passive or active play. Outdoors areas include access to sports courts, an oval, soccer pitch, cubbies, mud kitchen, sandpits and 3 playgrounds.

Teaching and Learning

Throughout the primary years we aim to develop fundamental knowledge, skills and behaviours in English, Mathematics, Integrated Studies, Civics and Citizenship, Health and Physical Education, and Visual and Performing Arts.

Roxburgh Homestead Primary School is a vibrant learning environment that offers a rich, student-centered, and authentic approach to education. The school prioritises improved student learning by implementing a comprehensive teaching program based on the National Curriculum Framework. Additionally, the school emphasises inquiry-based and personalised learning, providing a differentiated program tailored to individual student needs.

Through a collaborative approach, teachers use student assessment data to inform learning.  A variety of targeted programs are utilized for early intervention and extension for highly able students. These include direct explicit teaching, small group focus sessions, and inquiry-led investigations, all supported by the integrated use of ICT.


In addition to the 48 caring and dedicated teaching staff, students are supported by a range of Education Support staff, including integration aides, multicultural aides, a speech pathologist, and welfare coordinators.  ES Staff work with dedicated teachers to build a happy and engaging learning environment.

Our focus on student wellbeing is enriched through the implementation of the Kids Matter initiative which is whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing. All staff are trained and committed to delivering a quality curriculum that is authentic and supported through the existence of strong community relationships. This allows students to develop a strong sense of self-esteem and resilience a respect.

21st Century Learning

At Roxburgh Homestead Primary School, we lead in 21st-century learning with innovative teaching and the latest technology. Our personalised programs cater to each student's interests, ensuring academic success and personal growth. With dedicated staff and strong community partnerships, we provide a supportive, engaging environment where students thrive, preparing them for future opportunities. Join us to experience education for the future.


Roxburgh Homestead Primary School values the partnership between home and school.  We understand the importance of family engagement and actively encourage the involvement of parents in their child’s learning.


At Roxburgh Homestead Primary School, we offer a diverse range of programs designed to meet the unique needs and capabilities of our students and enhance their educational outcomes. We utilise comprehensive student data to monitor academic progress, tailor instruction, and implement targeted interventions. This data-driven approach ensures that our students achieve at or above the standards of comparable schools, reflecting our commitment to excellence in education.

Out of School Hours Care

In order to support families, the school has a daily Out of School Hours Program (before and after school). The care provides a high quality, caring program designed to engage students in a range of activities.